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Olaya Muñoz

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Olaya has 26 years of experience as a Researcher in the area of ​​executive searches and identification of organizational structures.


She joined Equation Partners in 2011, working closely with the search team, providing Associates and Consultants with essential mapping information and proactive investigation of critical profiles of potential candidates, aligned with the defined identification strategy for the different positions according to the search processes in the organizations, industries and target markets. In addition, as an Administrative Assistant, she supports various proposals within the organization.


Previously, she worked for 16 years at Spencer Stuart, giving support in search processes with the identification of people, making the respective company organizational charts, reports and progress presentations for clients.


Executive Secretary of the Diego Portales Institute of Concepción.


Companies can achieve extraordinary goals when they manage to articulate human teams that share a purpose, that have the skills and values necessary to face the constant challenges imposed by their environment and support them with leaders capable of stimulating them to develop their talents.


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